What I Wore for Eid

Hey beauts!

I know it’s been a long time since I was last on here but I thought I would post what I wore for Eid.

Essentially, every Eid I wear a new abayah however this time I tried customising my own abayah for the first time. I ordered appliqué peonies and roses (from Amazon) to iron on or stitch on a plain grey abayah.

I tried ironing the appliqué on the abayah but I noticed that the appliqué started peeling off so then I decided to stitch on the appliqué on the abayah using a sewing machine, or stitching by hand if preferred.

I knew that flower appliqué was very in this season so since I couldn’t find a flower appliquéd abayah, I thought why not make one my own. I ordered two appliqués, one on each side of the abayah so it could mirror each other.

And that was it, very quick and easy to do!

SharyEmme x


16 Things I Learnt in 2016

Hey everyone!

It’s been a long time since I’ve been on here and I’d like to share at least 16 things I’ve learnt and hopefully will take with me into 2017.

  1. Learning to love myself first; at first I must admit it is hard because when you do everything falls into place. This is when you can give the best version of yourself to someone else whether it’s bad, friends and family. I’m still working on loving myself and I still have a long way to go.
  2. Cutting useless people off, this means deleting their number and unfollowing them on social network. Some ‘friends’ come into your life to teach you a lesson or cause a headache but at the end of the day, I didn’t need that kind of negativity in my life. They are staying in 2016.
  3. Never letting my hopes up, because it will just let me down. Don’t get me wrong, positivity is great but I can’t let it get out of hand or way over the top. I always have that balance is key!
  4. Laziness and procrastination are my BIGGEST enemies.
  5. It has taught me how to be humble, I won’t get everything I want straight away which leads onto my next point.
  6. Patience! It surely is a virtue and good things come to those who wait.
  7. To fully trust God, His plans for me are far better than the ones I have in mind.
  8. It only takes one person to change your view point on everything.
  9. To let things go, learning to forgive because trust me I’ve never felt better and to part ways whoever has wronged you and see no benefit in.
  10. Relying on myself for my happiness….people are a let down sometimes which leads me to..
  12. Things just change, everything around me changes, feelings change, people change can be for the better or for the worse. All for a reason.
  13. Being more appreciative what I have today won’t necessarily be there tomorrow.
  14. No matter how bad it gets, I have the ability to pick myself back up and strive for what I want.
  15. Killing with kindness, this is the main thing I’ve learnt this year. Baffles the sh*t out of people and they can’t say anything mean to you. When someone starts to get rude or aggressive, just reply in a kind matter rather than stoop to their level. Trust me they are the ones who will look stupid.
  16. Bad situations will pass it is not PERMANENT, that no matter what happens, life goes on and everything will be alright. Nothing is ever as big of deal as it seems.

Hope everyone has a bless New Year!

SharyEmme xxx

Review: Anastasia Beverley Hills Sun Dipped Glow Kit 

Hello again! I can now say that I’m a ABH addict because I’ve only gone and added another product to my newly growing collection of ABH which is the glow kit in ‘Sun Dipped’. I’m so glad they came up with a highlight kit rather than individual shades sold separately, that way I can pick which shade I would like to wear every other day.

I purchased the glow kit from BeautyBay along with my ABH eye palette Modern Renaissance. My first impressions were that they were incredibly pigmented and the shine and glow is absolutely gorgeous. I made swatches as usual as seen below:


From the top to bottom:  Bronzed, Tourmaline, Summer and Moonstone. For best results, take the blusher brush and spritz some setting spray on the brush, this way the brush will pick up more of the highlighter and become more pigmented on your skin.

I must say for a highlighting kit it was pretty pricey but hey, aren’t all ABH products?  I myself  am still learning how to apply the highlighter, sometimes you need the right amount to apply, I get scared by overdoing it but at the same time I feel like I have a limited amount. What I tend to do is apply all four highlighters as well, instead of doing just the one because I feel that one of the shades doesn’t compliment my skin tone, the safer tones are ‘Bronzed’ and ‘Tourmaline’.

If you are willing splash some cash on excellent quality highlighters then maybe you should give ABH Sun Dipped glow kit, you get four different shades for you to mix and match they way you like.

SharyEmme x

Review: Anastasia Beverley Hills Modern Renaissance

Hey Lovelies! I am so ecstatic to be sharing with you one of my newest additions to my make up collection which is Anastasia Beverley Hills new eye palette, Modern Renaissance. I must say I am impressed with this palette not only are the colours so beautiful but they are bold and pigmented, the colours are earthy and velvety and there are the summery shades as well which perfectly compliments the nude and earthy colours.

IMG_3515   IMG_3511






The majority of the shades are matte and a couple are shimmer, the shimmer shades are also perfect for subtle highlighters because it glides on so smoothly without looking too harsh.  The shades also work great against my skin tone in which case I have done swatches.


From left to right: Tempera, Golden Ochre, Vermeer, Buon Fresco, Antique Bronze, Love Letter and Cyprus Umber. These shades are from the top row of the palette.


From left to right: Raw Sienna, Burnt Orange, Primavera, Red Ochre, Venetian Red, Warm Taupe and Realgar.

My favourite shades so far are Love Letter, Cyprus Umber, Venetian Red and Primavera, the nude colours are perfect as a base colour such as Warm Taupe or Golden Ochre, Vermeer and Primavera work best when applied on the brow bone and tear ducts and also as highlighters.

The exterior of the palette has a soft velvety touch to it which makes it that extra special, I also like the brush that comes with the palette which is double ended, it is soft and picks up the shades really well. I let out a little scream when the palette was made available in the UK (I purchased mine from BeautyBay) because ordering from the US is just a hassle.

These shades are perfect for summer and autumn make up looks and hopefully in the future I will do a make up look on these colours.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review!

SharyEmme xxx

How To Stay Fleeky During Ramadan

Ramadan Mubarak lovelies! I wanted to share some of my tips and tricks when it comes to looking after yourself during Ramadan.  This time of year is a special time for Muslims around the world however many people think they should only be ‘fleeky’ when Ramadan ends, why can’t we be fleeky throughout Ramadan?

  1. Hydration

Since the fasting hours are indeed long, we have to try and keep our hydration levels in check, my tip is to start drinking water as soon as the fast is broken up until we have to stop eating and drinking so around Suhoor time especially now that there isn’t enough time between Iftar and Suhoor. It is better to drink small amounts leading up to Suhoor time rather than chugging down 1 litre with a minute left to start fasting again.


2. Oral hygiene

I can’t stand having stank breath especially now that we are fasting for long hours, so to prevent that from happening there are three things to keep in mind. Firstly, flossing is one of the key elements to keeping healthy and clean mouth and believe it or not, not flossing regularly does and can produce bad odour. After brushing the teeth in the morning or before bed, gently brushing the tongue can drastically reduce bad breath where the leftover food can flourish producing the bad odour. Mouthwash is a controversial one since it involves gurgling and the fear of slightly swallowing it but for me personally it does help in keeping the breath fresh for long.

3. Skincare

One of my biggest pet peeves is dry skin particularly dry lips, now this is common for someone who hasn’t eaten thus someone that’s fasting. After brushing your teeth you should then gently brush the lips to get rid of dead skin which causes the flakiness and dryness of the lips. Once finished, then apply Carmex or Vaseline to keep the lips soft and supple, trust me this will keep your lips like a baby’ bottom throughout the day.

Try to be healthy, what your skin shows reflects on what you’ve been eating thus things like caffeinated  and soft drinks dehydrate the skin making it look dry and dull, they won’t help in the long run. Not only are soft drinks high in sugar but they mask all the important minerals needed in your body.


Moisturise! This is key, we tend to do wudhu (ablution) a lot so after a while the skin will show signs of ashiness, what I tend to do quickly pat dry then apply moisturiser. The best time to moisturise is straight after showering or bathing when the pores are all opened up and can soak in your favourite lotion and keep it locked in.

4. Sleep

Sleeping is one of my favourite things to do! Make sure you get lots of it, particularly if you work or go to school/college/uni so that your concentration and alertness is at its best because remember you are fasting thus no caffeinated drinks or your usual breakfast. Lack of sleep can also affect your skin with things like dark circles, puffy eyes, dryness and more visible wrinkles, if you have bad skin already don’t aggravate it by not sleeping enough. This causes the skin to became more irritated due to an inflammatory response which presents itself as spots and sensitivity of the skin. Sleep is a time where your body is rejuvenating and the body balances out its hydration, the skin can get moisture back and for the excess water in the body to be processed as waste (urine).


So take care this Ramadan and be on fleek xxx

Sleek Brow Kit’s new shade 

I recently bought myself a new brow kit from Sleek since my old one was running out but this brow kit is the darkest shade called ‘Extra Dark’ which is a new shade after the ‘Dark’ one. I felt that the recent one I had which was ‘Dark’ didn’t give my brows that extra intensity since I am of a medium/dark complexion. It definitely made my brows pop and I’m so glad Sleek made the darkest shade and it’s affordable rather than splashing out on Benefits brow kit.

Sleek Brow Kit in ‘Extra Dark’

What I then did was I compared my old brow kit also Sleek with the new one I purchased by swatching them (see below).

On the left is my old shade in ‘Dark’ and on the right is my new shade in ‘Extra Dark’. Prior to swatching them, I also tried one shade on one brow and the other shade on the other brow but they almost looked the same there wasn’t any difference whatsoever hence why I then swatched them to see the difference.


Mini Make Up Haul

Hey girlies! This month I have decided to get a few bits and bobs since I have attended a few events at the beginning of this month.

1. LA Girl Colour Corrector – Orange

I already know that LA Girl concealers are amazing so I was in need of a decent colour corrector. I came across this particular one which comes at a good price and comes in an orange shade good for dark circles and hyperpigmented skin. Once applied, I use my dampened beauty blender to evenly distribute across my face then I apply my foundation on top as usual.

2. Sleek Blush in Pomegrante

I’m a big fan of Sleek products so I decided to buy a blush from there, I swatched all the blushes they had on my arm to see which would match my skin tone and went with a deep pink colour that complimented my skin tone and would be noticeable on my cheeks. This blush is perfect for medium to dark skin tones.

3. LA Colours Mineral Blush

I bought another blush which is a rosy pink colour that is lighter than the Sleek Pomegrante blush, I like to use this blush when I want a subtle, natural touch on my cheeks. It comes with its own mirror and brush perfect for on the go.


4. Dazzle Dust by Barry M

Since I was attending a wedding I wanted something glittery on my eyelids to my eyes pop. I heard about the dazzle dust a couple years back so I decided to buy it and give it a go. By spray a little setting spray on a small flat eyeshadow brush, I then dipped the brush into the dazzle dust then applied it on my lids. The dust is a mixture of gold and silver but looks white as a whole.


The dazzle dust is also perfect as a body shimmer great for the summer when the suns out.

SharyEmme x

High Heels Wishlist

I need to invest in more high heels since I stand at a measly 5’3 so I compiled a Wishlist of gorgeous heels and ones just in time for summer! 

1. Asymmetric Strappy Heeled Sandals Gold (Missguided)


2. Strappy Gladiator Black Heels (Missguided)


3. Faith Khaki Cages heeled sandals (ASOS)


4. New Look Wide Fit Cut Out Heeled Court Shoe 


5. Curved Strappy Heeled Sandal Nude (Missguided) 

When it comes to heels, I prefer them to be protective and Strappy as in covering most of my feet and ankles, the heels I already own all have straps around the ankle because I feel like my heel will pop out so the strap is there to keep my heel in…..if that makes sense lol! 

Urban Decay’s De-Slick vs. All Nighter Setting Sprays

So I really wanted to know what all the hype was about the Urban Decay setting spray, I heard its one of the best setting sprays on the market, so I thought why not give it a try. I went to the Urban Decay counter to ask about the setting spray and they asked me what my skin type was and I answered combination with an oily T-Zone and the lovely lady told me to go for the De Slick setting spray which is pretty much the same as the All Nighter however the De Slick setting spray controls the oily area of the face and keeps the make up in place for pretty much the whole day which is desirable.


So, why didn’t I go for the popular All Nighter setting spray? The MUA told me the De Slick setting spray would be beneficial for me since I tend to get an oily T-Zone and the All Nighter setting spray is for people who want their make up to stay intact. I mean, the De Slick also does keep your make up from melting from your face but the All Nighter won’t target the oils on the skin.

Both sprays can also be used as primers before applying the foundation and then after applying the make up. If you’re a person with oily skin and don’t want your make up transferring onto things then you can purchase both sprays to combat both oils and keeping things in place.

Me personally, I obviously purchased the De Slick as I stated, because it did keep my face oil free which was what I wanted and my make up didn’t budge either rather than choosing the All Nighter that doesn’t target oily skin.  I bought the travel size one which was much cheaper and practical for me since I don’t wear heavy make up everyday just on special occasions.


Depression: My Story

IMG_3077Hi everyone, I thought I’d write about something different than my average beauty posts, something personal and close to me: depression. It all started a couple of years ago when I was in sixth form towards the end of my exams however back then I didn’t know much about depression I just continued moving forward with this heavy burden, like this dark cloud over my head I couldn’t figure out what it was thus I kept it to myself. I knew something was wrong with me but I didn’t want to accept it so I just brushed it to the side, a lot of things triggered my depression such as schoolwork, unemployment, not being good enough, not getting the grades I wanted. As a result, my appetite went downhill, I just didn’t have any interest in food, I would only eat to keep my energy levels up, since I’m more of an introvert I also liked my own company I would always stay in my room for most of the day and hardly leave the house. When people leave sixth form/college friends become distant and there’s no one to talk to just family….and well family I’ll get to them in a bit.


Everyone went onto university and then there was me who decided to have a gap year to figure out what I wanted to do but to no avail I was still pretty much was lost because the thing is when you’ve told yourself you aren’t good at something its just best to give up all together….I didn’t try hard enough, I had this voice in the back of my head telling me I wouldn’t be able to do what I wanted, its just impossible and since then that voice is still there. When too much thought takes over your head, you almost feel static, not moving forward or back, not making any progress whatsoever.

Fast forward to the end of university, it was like I was thrown into the deep end, you see I only transferred into the third year of university so I felt really uncomfortable, I was in a world I was unfamiliar with, everyone knew each other so it was hard making friends and fitting in because in all honesty it was too late for me, everyone was already allocated to a clique. Looking back I wish I had tried a lot harder to stand out and approach people then maybe I would’ve gotten the help I needed with work, but then I thought what’s the point? we only have a year left so forget it, it’s not happening.


When the exams ended I panicked which is strange to say the least, I already knew that I was not going to get the grade I wanted so from my exams up until results day I was secluded. I would have vivid and strange dreams, my sleeping pattern was terrible and on top of that my diet declined. When the results came out, I fell into a much deeper depression, I completely lost it, I would cry day in day out, I refused to eat, I would easily snap at people, my thoughts would take over me causing me to become worse than I already was, it was just an endless cycle.


My sister eventually took me to see a doctor which I thought was ridiculous because all they do is throw a bunch of anti depressants at you and tell you to go on your way and like I said the doctor diagnosed me with clinical depression and threw the prescription my way. My mum, on the other hand, just saw all this depression as something temporary and short term and that I will ‘get over it’, she just told me to pray to God that things would get better. Little did she know that this would continue. Ethnic minorities don’t believe in things like depression they just don’t understand it, they believe that prayers to God will solve this and just having faith, I do believe all that, I was raised on it. Someone could have the highest of faith and still be depressed, it isn’t something that can easily disappear, it takes time and patience.


I am still trying to figure things out, I don’t take the anti depressants since I don’t believe that they work, I haven’t considered counselling either since I’m not much of a talker either, I’m a little better than I was before but I still have my down days, I tend to suppress it by being in a better mood to make my mum worry less but deep down I’m still a mess…


If you know someone with depression make sure they seek help as quickly as possible but in a gentle way don’t force it upon them, a therapist or a doctor should be able them and give them support they need before the depression goes worse.  Depression isn’t a weakness or personality trait and don’t expect them to ‘get over it’ any more than they could will themselves over a flu/cold.